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We met in Central California when I was in 2nd grade and Jacob was in 6th, so I guess you could say we grew up together. I always thought he was sweet. And he always thought I was annoying funny. We were friends until he left for San Diego to go to college. We stayed in spporadic contact via social media until the summer after he graduated and I finished my freshman year of college. We recconnected when he asked me to go to a Fresno Grizzlies baseball game with him on Friday, the 13th. We fell in love and got married 2 years later. 

He's a good, old southern gentleman (thanks to his Oklahoma roots) and I'm more of a California girl. He takes his coffee sweeter than ice cream and I'm happy with a splash of milk. He makes me laugh every day and I drive him crazy almost as much. After 8 years of being in love, 7 years of working together, 6 years of marriage, one naughty puppy, and two precious daughters, we have never been more in love than we are today. 


These are our sweet daughters, Lilah & Sadie.

Our hearts changed forever the day Lilah was born. I will never forget the moment they put her on my chest and Jacob said, "You call it." I flipped her over and gasped, "It's a girl!" We were so in love.

Less than 2 years later we welcomed sweet Sadie into our family with another "It's a GIRL!" moment. Sitting in the hospital room, realizing we had TWO perfect girls wearing matching bows was one of my favorite moments of my life.

These girls have the sweetest, silliest personalities and we are so thankful they're ours.

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This is Molly Mae (AKA Molly Moo, Moozle, or, my personal fave, Noodle). She likes to keep her hair crazy and her life cozy. She sleeps approximately 23.5 hours per day and barks at the UPS guy during her free time. She enjoys sleeping, rolling her eyes at us, and pretending she can't hear when we call her. She's basically the weirdest dog you'll ever meet, but we love her.

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We work together.

We play together.

We do life together.

And, we love it all.

I love you, I do ...


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