we heart thanksgiving

We cannot believe how much God has blessed us with this year. We are thankful for so many things…

Molly Mae: Our sweet little fluff ball joined our family in January of this year and we are so thankful for what joy she brings us each day.
Clients: We can genuinely say that we get to work with the best couples in the world. We are blessed by each couple in a different way and we feel so thankful that we get the privilege of telling their love stories. We really do heart them all and we love that they become a part of the next category. :)

Friends: We just have the best friends. They make us laugh and we always have fun together, but we also have deep, meaningful relationships with each of them. We are thankful for the fullness they each bring to our lives.
Church: This year we moved from San Diego to North County. In the process we had to find a new church. We are so thankful that God lead us to The Fields. We love the community we find there and the fact that we hear God’s word every week.

Family: Our families mean so much to us. God has blessed us with a big family and we would not have it any other way. We love being able to call our family members our best friends. We are thankful for the laughs, cries, and all the in-betweens we share with them.

Bella Cate + Avonlea Joy: Our biggest source of JOY in our lives is our sweet nieces. Bella + Avonlea teach us so much about love and they make us so excited to start a family some day. We thank God every day that we get to live so close to them and be a part of their lives. :)
Salvation: We are always thankful for our relationships with God. We thank Him every day for the sacrifice He made through Jesus on the cross. This year we have grown closer to Him and we feel so blessed that He is the center of our lives.

and of course…

Each other: We can’t believe that we have each other. Each of us feels so lucky to have the other and we really do fall deeper in love each day.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you! We heart you.


Jacob + Christin

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