we heart sweet friends + julian + big news

Let’s get the BIG NEWS over with first. :)

Are you ready?

Do you want to know what it is?

Guess what?

We are moving!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Don’t worry, we are not going far. We are moving to a little neighborhood in North County called San Elijo Hills. We realized that we are actually going to be CLOSER to most of our weddings for this year since so many of you are getting married in LA, the central coast, and Oregon! (Are we allowed to count Oregon if we still have to drive to the airport?) We are so excited to be taking the next step in our lives, upgrading our lifestyle (and by that, I mean we will have a dishwasher!!), and having lots more space to hang out with our lovely couples, family, and friends.

And now, because we know you all love a little eye candy, we will share some photos from out most recent day trip to Julian with our best friends Danny + Erin and Matty + Lindsay. :) (Side note: the saddest thing about this move is that we will be moving farther away from Danny + Erin! :( But, we will be closer to Matt + Lindsay!)

We just HAD to take a picture of Matty + Lindsay at the same spot we did their engagement pictures! :) Erin + Danny had to get in on the fun too.

We heart you all!

Jacob + Christin

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