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Because it is Friday, we are doing what we do every Friday (probably because we usually have a wedding the next day), and that is dreaming of Hawaii. :) So, we decided to share our instagrams from our Hawaii trip! :) Enjoy!

What’s the first thing you do when you land in Hawaii? Duh. Put your toes in the water! :)

Jacob is five years old and he likes to jump on the bed. :) That’s kinda why I like him.

We drank Starbucks EVERY day… embarrassing.

Jacob is a hula girl on the side. Also, a word to the wise… if the shuttle has to tell you they are reliable by putting it in their name… they aren’t reliable at all.

Gotta love salt on your lashes from the ocean. :)

Then, we were bored of waiting for our friends… but they came!! :)

If your burger gets an umbrella my glass of wine deserves one!

We visited the Pearl Harbor Memorial. It was very touching.


We rented a car for a day and went to the North Shore! GORGEOUS! :)

Then it was time to say goodbye to Hawaii… :)


Jacob + Christin

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