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We Heart Dad

It’s Father’s Day. As I was working on preparing images for the blog next week I came across this shot of Paige and her dad at her and Carter’s wedding. It moved me. The emotion in her eyes, the sweetness in his face, the way she’s pulling him close, everything about the images captivated me and reminded me of what we do. We don’t simply document an event. We are entrusted with the task of capturing emotion, freezing those moments in time. As I studied the image all of the emotions of Paige + Carter’s wedding flooded back to me, the laughter, the tears, all of it. I decided to share a few of my other favorite dad moments of the past year. I only picked a few, but here they are…

I love the moment that dad sees his daughter in her gown for the first time.

Crista’s grandpa giving her a sweet kiss moments before she walked down the aisle.

And you really can’t beat the father-daughter dance. I cry my way through every single one.

Ron, on the day he became JT’s daddy.

Lindsay’s dad performing her and Daniel’s wedding ceremony.
And one of my favorites, Ryan and his dad sharing a tearful hug after he married Noelle.
Finally, the best dads are the ones you can’t get off the dance floor.


Happy Father’s Day to all of the dads out there. We heart you!

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