The Year in Photos

It’s that time of year… the time when we reflect on the past twelve months, and look forward to the next twelve. As we reflect, some are remembering a year of grief and pain, while others claim it to be “the best year ever”. Some are left with the sting of a lost loved one while others rejoice in an engagement or marriage. My hope for you is that as you reflect on this past year, be it happy or sad, good or bad, that you remember to be thankful. Be thankful for the time that you’ve been given. Be thankful for the blessings and triumphs. Be thankful for the trials, for they are what bring us closer to one another and God. I am thankful for this year, the trials and triumphs, the joys and sorrows. I’m thankful for this life.

In 2013 we photographed 25 weddings, launched 2 new businesses, gained a niece, a nephew and a sister, inherited a Lovebug, and celebrated 3 years of marriage. In the Spring I wore a flower crown and we walked through wildflowers hand-in-hand. In the Summer we took our bare feet to the sand and fell asleep with the sun on our faces. The Fall brought days filled with warm drinks and leather boots. And in the winter we enjoyed a 14 foot, sparkly Christmas tree and so many cuddles in our cozy home. It was a year filled with blessings and we are so thankful to God for 2013.

Here’s to 2014 being a year in which we experience His love even more deeply, and in turn, love others more richly.

Now, for a few of our favorite photos from 2013 (work images excluded).

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