The Word

There is a word that we tend to use a lot. And by “a lot”, I mean at least once an hour. That’s a lot.

This word is a cup of coffee by a fire.

It’s putting new flannel sheets on our bed.

It’s how you can describe Molly Mae 23.5 hours of the day.

It’s snuggles and jammies and no work to do.

It’s how we hope our home looks and  feels.

It’s going to Clovis for Christmas and laying at the beach in the summer.

It’s the way Jacob makes me feel.

Last week, as a peace-offering for missing a Little Love Story, I promised a giveaway. Well, the theme of today’s Little Love Story and giveaway is this word that I’m talking about. To be entered to win a $20 Starbucks card and Mr. B’s Luminary, “like” this post and leave a comment telling us what you think “The Word” is. I will randomly select a winner at 10AM tomorrow (Saturday the 2nd), so you do not have to be right, I just want you to guess.

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