The Squeal

During our first year of dating, Jacob and I had Disneyland passes. They were perfect for that time in our relationship because for the time I lived in Azusa and he lived in San Diego, it was a great meeting point. And after I moved to San Diego, we would stop by Disneyland every time we drove to and from Clovis. We loved walking around the park together, going on all our favorite rides, and just playing together. It was such a fun time in our relationship and a perfect way to get to know more about each other in a unique way.

One of my favorite rides was the Tower of Terror. I still remember the first time we went on this ride together. I remember standing in line, fidgeting and giggling because I was beyond excited. I kept gushing to him about how much fun it was going to be, how scary it was (in a good way), and how much he was going to love it. Jacob didn’t look convinced, shifting his weight, eyes widening as the muffled screams of ride goers echoed through the hallways. I could tell he was beyond nervous. But I knew that once he went on it once, he would love it just as much as I did.

What I did not know, was that this would happen:

Yes. This happened. He screamed. He screamed a lot. The entire time.

Like a girl.

It was so funny, I just laughed the entire time. I loved that he was completely comfortable to be himself around me. Instead of being a jerk and refusing to go on my favorite ride, he swallowed his pride and squealed his way into my heart.

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