The Phone Call

If this is your first time reading our little love stories, start with the candy. :)

For the few hours that followed the candy incident, I debated in my mind whether I should call him to thank him for his “thoughtful” gift or wait for him to call me… And then he called.


“Trinity Presbyterian Church. This is Christin. How may I help you?”

When I heard his voice I got a little nervous, which was strange because I don’t generally get nervous. He asked me if I had received his note and we laughed about the candy. Then he stuttered as he asked me to join him for our local baseball team’s game that night. I accepted and we decided to meet up so we could drive together (although I’m almost certain he just wanted to show off his Audi).

I will confess that the moment I hung up, I got back on the phone to call my friend to ask her if baseball games are played inside or out.

What? Don’t judge! I had to know what to wear…

Come back next week to find out why I left our first date thinking it would be our last.

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