The Job

Tomorrow we will start our 5th wedding season as We Heart Photography. That’s incredible to me. We started in 2010, the year we got married, with 12 weddings. Jacob was still photographing weddings with another company in San Diego and I was still in school, so 12 was perfect for us. We worked with a graphic designer to create our camera-heart logo, picked yellow as our company color, and I built our first website. We worked, side-by-side, out of our 500 square foot garage/apartment. We laughed together about the crazy family members we would meet. We argued about what the website should look like. I cried when he wouldn’t keep one of my pictures because it was out of focus but I thought it was “artsy”. We were stressed. We were tired. But we loved it.

We still do… and that’s what I’m so thankful for. I’m thankful to have a job that, despite the intense physical and emotional stress, I love doing.

So, cheers to our 2014 wedding season. We are beyond excited, beyond thankful.

Just us… Kissing on the job at Brenna & Chris’s wedding.

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