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The First Date

After the phone call, I could hardly wait for the workday to be over. After confirming with my friend that baseball games are, in fact, played outdoors, I went home to change out of my pencil skirt and into jeans and a cute top (Thanks for letting me borrow yours, Mom). We had such an amazing time at the game that we decided to go out for appetizers after the game because we just wanted an excuse to spend more time together.  I don’t remember very many specifics of the date, but here’s what I do remember: Jacob opened my door every time we got in the car, we talked and laughed the entire time, and I never wanted it to end.

And it didn’t.

To this day, Jacob shows his love for me by opening my door EVERY time we get in the car. We still genuinely laugh together EVERY day whether it’s about something klutzy I do or something silly he says. And I still find myself wanting to be with him every moment of EVERY day…I just don’t want this to end.

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But our very first date did end. And how it ended left me wondering if I was the only one who wanted it to last forever… After the appetizers, Jacob drove me back to his house where we had met up earlier in the evening. He walked me to my car, said “good night”, and just when I was sure that we would share our first we’re-not-just-friends-anymore hug that would confirm all of the things I had been feeling all night, he just turned around, and walked quickly inside.


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