Shannon & Andrew

An Engagement Session in San Clemente, California

A Little Love Story from Shannon:

Over the past five years of dating, Andrew and I have learned to live life together. To walk through the highs and the lows together. We have learned that experiencing life together is more joyful, purposeful and holy than doing it alone.

Our relationship began by taking walks. Walks around our college campus, through neighborhoods in Kansas and California when we lived far apart, on mountain trails on hot summer days, nights on the beach.

Andrew is my walking partner. We have walked together through college, careers, triumphs and trials. Cross-country moves, long distance, and navigating joys and pains. We have found direction together and paved our own path. All that life brings we walk through together.

So we continue our journey and our commitment to walking, side by side, hand in hand, choosing love.

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