Stephen & Katie

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From the Bride, Katie:

Stephen and I met in college when we were 20 years old.  I told my friends he was the nicest person I had ever met, he told his friends I was sweet and fun.  We started dating and were surprised by how much time we wanted to spend together, and how quickly we fell in love.  Neither of us had ever felt a love like that before.  We soon realized our relationship was God’s doing, and that it was His plan for us to be together.  :) 

I wanted our wedding to look like an enchanted winter garden. I love the romantic elegance of whimsical greenery and soft blooms and the quiet ambiance of snowy mountains and pine trees.  

We did so many things ourselves! We made blankets for all of our guests because we knew it would be freezing. We purchased fresh cut eucalyptus and we cut olive branches from a neighbor’s tree to make arrangements and garlands to scatter around. I stained pieces of wood and used calligraphy markers to make several signs that we used in different areas (welcome sign, hashtag sign, favors sign, names of sweets, thank you sign, etc.) 

My mom and aunt made over 400 mini desserts for our sweets table! Our venue had a large stone fire pit, so of course, we had a s’mores bar! We brought graham crackers, different flavored marshmallows, and several different kinds of chocolates and chocolate candy to use for s’mores. So fun! 

Favorite Moment: Oh my goodness I don’t know how to choose! I had so many favorite moments. The absolute best was when my dad and I rode into the ceremony area in a horse drawn carriage and I was hit with an overwhelming sense of happiness that I had never felt before. Holding my dad’s hand, I heard the song I chose to walk down the isle to, I saw the whole ceremony space filled with the decorations and flowers we chose, all the incredible people that we love so much, our amazing (and gorgeous!!) bridal party, my beautiful mom, and lastly, my handsome groom waiting for me at the end of the isle and balling his eyes out. It was the surreal moment every girl dreams of, the moment I had been waiting for my whole life.  I had never experienced that kind of happiness before and I will remember that moment and feeling forever. 

Advice: Try to stay calm on that day and enjoy every minute. You can’t control all the little details and things might not go absolutely perfectly, but it’s okay! The important thing is to remember that you get to marry the man you love and you have all your friends and family there, surrounding you with love and support. 

Bride Entrance: Expression by Helen Jane Long | Communion: Oceans by Hillsong | First Dance: Then by Brad Paisley

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