Aubrey & Samuel


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From the groom, Samuel:

Our love story is one to be remembered for God wrote it before we were even born.  We met at Saint Martins University in 2011where we established a friendship and our love story began.  We remained in touch through mutual friends until we reconnected in the fall of 2013 following two separate but similar vacations to Italy.  Aubrey was the first to reach out to “talk about our trip”;because we found out that we had gelato at the same place in Milan, so I asked her out on a date.  Our first date was memorable, but the most memorable date was our second date, two days after our first.  After spending the evening at dinner and on campus at Saint Martin’s, I was walking Aubrey back to her dorm when she stopped to show me her new yellow bike.  She got on her bike and began to ride it around.  As she followed the path around a tree, I heard the words “That’s your wife.”  It was God; sharing part of His grand plan with me.  Little did I know that our love story was still in its infancy, and that God still had plans for us to grow and flourish separately before completely bringing us together.  We finally ended up dating in the summer and getting engaged exactly one year after God said “That’s your wife”.  Then, two years to the day after our very first date, we got married on September 12, 2015.  Our wedding was the best day of our lives on many levels.  It was the day we made a covenant with God to be husband and wife until death does us part.  It was also a confirmation of God’s presence in our lives.  The most special part of our love story is the way Christ was so present the whole way.  When I kissed Aubrey to make her my wife, it brought to life what God told me two years ago and had planned since before we were born.  Experiencing God’s promise has strengthened both of our faith; it helped us trust God with our whole lives.  Aubrey and I have a firm belief that God called us together to do what we could not do as individuals.  As we live our life, we continue to live our love story everyday as we serve an active, present God.  While we may not always get answers as simple as “That’s your wife,” we can rest in the confidence that God is our supporter, encourager, and ever-present help.  The love and presence of Christ in our marriage is the perfect example of how Aubrey and I are to be as spouses.  

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