Nicole + Daniel

Daniel and I have known each other since we were twelve. My first memories of him were in art class (when he let me go first to get my art supplies-middle school swoon), and science class (he sat in front of me-major distraction). By the time we get married next summer we will have known each other for more than half of our lives. We were each other’s first love, and soon we will be blessed enough to be each other’s last. As cliché as it sounds, Daniel has loved me with such determination and confidence that it has always reminded me of what God’s love is like.


During our junior year of college, I travelled for the second time to Kenya on a mission trip. Daniel was living in San Diego for architecture school so we were accustomed to unfortunate distance. Before leaving, I bought him a card from APU’s bookstore that read “Everything I know about love, I’ve learned from you”. As soon as a read it, I knew I had to leave those words with him before flying 9,600 miles away. While we have learned a lot from each other about what love is, God ultimately taught us first, which makes our love that much sweeter, stronger, and treasured.


My favorite act of love from Daniel is the day he proposed.

That morning, my best friend Jasmine invited me to Huntington Beach, just she and I. We had just come back from a vacation in SLO the weekend before, and even though we were both recovering from sunburns, I was excited to spend time with her.

We walked toward the beach, and my thoughts were preoccupied with apartment hunting decisions and starting my new teaching job (at the middle school Daniel and I met at!). When I finally looked up, I spotted Daniel and some of his closest friends, most of whom were holding instruments.

When Jazmine and I reached the group, Daniel said he and the guys wanted to play me a song, so I sat my beach tote down and couldn’t keep my knees from shaking. Being center of attention has always been nerve-racking to me, and here I was being serenaded in front of hundreds of people trying to escape the Inland Empire heat.

Accompanied by guitars and a harmonica, Daniel sang “Pistol” by Dustin Kensrue, a song he had always said reminded him of me.

By the time he sang “Darling, please wear this ring”, I broke down in tears. He immediately choked up himself, and couldn’t finish the song. He barely spoke the words “Will you marry me?” when I bent down and hugged him, still crying. At that moment I was overwhelmed by Daniel’s love. He had just sang for me-for the first time-in public to express just how much he loved me.


My prayer is that through Christ’s love and Daniel’s love, I will continue to learn to love as fiercely, courageously, and relentlessly as they do for me.

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