The Experience


Makeup & Hair Styling

We want you to LOVE the way you look in your portraits, which is why we offer make-up and hair styling at every shoot. We have created a make-up look that photographs beautifully and naturally; however, if you would like anything different than the normal “We Heart Studio Look”, feel free to bring a photo of how you would like your make-up done.

We also provide hair styling. We specialize in simple, natural beach curls. If you would like your hair done straight or with your natural curls, we recommend coming to your shoot with your hair just the way you like it. Come to your shoot with a clean, moisturized face and clean, dry hair.

Outfit Options

Bring at least 4 outfits. You will be photographed in 3-4 outfits – 2-3 in the studio, and 1 outdoors – but we recommend bringing more. You will be photographed alone & in different combinations (mom & daughter, mom alone, daughter alone, sisters together, etc.) Choose outfits you absolutely love. You will not wear shoes in the studio portion of the shoot but you will need a pair for the outdoor portion.

1. Something Light. For your light outfit, think angelic. Soft and sweet, maybe even layered and sheer. It doesn’t have to be white, you could go with cream, nude, or light pink.

2. Something Dark. Bring at least one dark outfit or top. Black, Navy or Charcoal work best here.

3. Something Colorful or Patterned. This outfit is your chance to really show your personal style. This can be a pop of color or fun pattern. This outfit can be just for solo shots or can be worn in group shots as long as you're nicely coordinated. 

4. Something for the Garden or Beach. The garden is a perfect spot for a floral pattern, a sweet dress, or a beautiful white blouse. Beach photos are always the favorites so I reccommend wearing your favorite outfit at the beach. Whether it's a sweater and shorts, ripped jeans and an off-the-shoulder top, or a flowy dress, you can't go wrong. Honestly, everything looks amazing on the beach. If I had to reccomend colors I love white, cream, grey, & blue.

The Shoot

Our Mother-Daughter Portrait Sessions are unlike any other portrait experience. You will have your makeup professionally done and enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime photoshoot experience at our studio in Carlsbad. You can bring as many outfits as you’d like and you will be photographed in 3-4 of them. Our focus is on creating unique, gorgeous, timeless portraits. We love to end the session either at the beach or in our courtyard for some stunning outdoor shots.

The Viewing

Within 1 week of your photoshoot, we will have you back into the studio to see your images and you will have over 150 images to choose from. Our average client ends up with a collection of 25 stunning portraits.

At this viewing session you will get to choose your package, select your favorite photos, and see all of the products we offer. The photoshoot is so much fun but seeing your beautiful mother-daughter portraits is what it's all about.

The Investment

Our mother-daughter portrait sitting fee is $200 per person and includes professional makeup, hair, and shoot. Product packages start at $500.


Call us for more details. 760.576.5513

The Studio

6852 Embarcadero Lane

Our studio is located in Carlsbad, California off of the 5 at Poinsettia, in the 3-story lofts right by (actually ON) the coaster station. It is the perfect place for us to photograph indoor,

natural-light portraits

We have a shooting space with a selection of beautiful backdrops and a meeting space where our clients hang out and comfortably choose their favorite portraits. We work in the studio throughout the week editing and answering emails. It’s a space that inspires us and allows our clients to have a quiet, private photoshoot experience.

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