Lindsay + Daniel

A Little Love Story from Lindsay:


The best way I can describe meeting, dating, being engaged and almost married to Daniel is with the word “gift.”

He is such a gift. Our journey so far has not been easy. In fact, it has been challenging beyond anything I could have imagined. But when Daniel Lee popped into my life 14 months ago, my world was filled with a joy I could never have dreamed of and a deeper understanding of myself, love, sacrifice, and my relationship with God. I am learning what it means to have joy and sorrow at the same time, to embrace gifts beyond our wildest imagination and to embrace pain that can be filled with grief and sorrow.

This joy was what I experienced on my first date with Daniel where we walked the streets of Pasadena for hours just talking and talking. Joy was was our second date when he brought me flowers picked from his backyard. Joy was the first time he held my hand. Sorrow was when, after dating for only two months, he left for a six-week Marine Corps training exercise in Arizona. Joy was when he called me on the phone while in Arizona to tell me he loved me. Joy was when he came home and kissed me for the first time. Joy was when he took me home to Georgia to meet his family. Joy was when I met Daniel’s Papa and saw the man he will be in 60 years. Sorrow was when, on July 7, 2012, I watched my beloved get on a bus that would take him to an airplane that would take him away from me for seven months, to a foreign land, Afghanistan. Joy was knowing he was serving me and his country with his sacrifice, strength, and devotion. Sorrow was when he called me while in Afghanistan to tell me he will deploy again in October 2013. Joy was when he called me on November 21, 2012 to ask me to be his wife and be his forever. And no greater joy have I ever felt than the day he came home, February 6, 2013. Joy is planning our wedding for April 21 and joy is walking through this season together. Our road will be filled with both joy and sorrow, but I am learning to see the beauty in joy and sorrow. I am learning how truly blessed I am to walk this journey called life with my best friend, my beloved, the man of my dreams.

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