Lacey + David

From the bride, Lacey:

Our inspiration for the wedding day was beachy!!! I grew up going to California every summer and since Idaho has no beaches we wanted to have the wedding there. We wanted something very relaxed and not too over the top (which is why I chose to not even wear my shoes haha).

Some special details that we had that were my favorite was the memory table. We had pictures of David and I from when we were younger up until we got married. We also had pictures of our grandparents and parents on their wedding days, which was pretty special. We also had pictures of any grandparents that had passed on. It was a really cool way to have them be apart of the day with us. The archway was another huge detail of the wedding that I loved. I was being super picky about what I wanted the archway, but I couldn’t explain it or even find a picture to show what I wanted, but our flower lady made one for us that ended up being exactly what I had in mind. All of the details that we had were really just a ton of stuff that my mom and me had found throughout the year and a half of planning. There was times that I didn’t even really think that it would all end up looking good together, but our coordinators were absolutely amazing at putting everything together and making it look like it all belonged.  

I have a few favorite moments! After taking all of the family pictures and it was just David and me again (and you and Jacob) being at Sunset Cliffs and being so relaxed and just enjoying that moment with each other. Driving to the venue even was so relaxed. It was an amazing feeling. Another one was the actual ceremony. I think a lot of times people get so caught up in everything else that goes into a wedding and they forget about what it’s all about. The ceremony was the most important part of this entire day and it was so special. The last one is actually a two in one; my dad’s toast and also the father daughter dance. My dad is NOT the type to be emotional and you would NEVER see him cry, but his toast was so raw and beautiful that I really would be surprised if there were any dry eyes. The father daughter dance was the same way. He was singing the song in my ear the whole time, which I didn’t even know he knew the song period. It was just a really beautiful moment and something that I remember so clearly from that day and something I will probably remember forever. David says that his favorite moment was watching me walk down the isle. (aww…..that made me cry a little)

David and I have the same favorite photo. It is the first kiss picture! I planning my entire wedding off of Pinterest (thank goodness for that dumb website) and I saw a picture on there that was the first kiss, but instead of it being the couple and the officiant, it was the couple with the family and friends in the background. I had stressed to Jacob how important this picture was to me and I am so happy that I did! It is our favorite picture without a doubt and we are going to get it on a canvas for our home.

Our processional song was “Marry Me” by Train. Our sang ceremony song was “Love Never Fails” by Brandon Heath. Our first dance song was “I Can’t Change The World” by Brad Paisley (seriously the greatest song ever)

My advice for other brides is to not stress!!! I had a few “bridezilla” moments through this entire process and looking back, I have to say I feel so silly about it. Honestly, at the end of the day, no matter WHAT goes wrong, you are going to be married and no problem that has happened during the day should be enough to change that this is going to be the best day ever. Also, to pick photographers that you can be confident in. I think back to the wedding and I can’t remember what the center pieces look like. I can hardly remember what I looked like. It is so important to have someone (or people) who know what they are doing and can capture all of the details and little moments because those are things that you will hang on to forever (so in other words, pick We Heart Photography because seriously, you guys are incredible).

Florist: Karyn Wloczewski | Cake: Neille Sybert | Entertainment: The DJ Guy | Gown Designer: Nicole Miller | Men’s Formalwear: Dillords and Macys

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