I heart Jacob

Today is a very special day. 27 years ago today my sweet husband was born! I cannot believe that I was blessed with such an incredible man to share my life with.


You make me smile more than anyone else in the world. I love so many things about you. I love how handsome you are. I love your multicolored eyes. I love how your hair looks the same as it did in first grade and the way it makes you look like a hedgehog in the morning. I love your smile and I’m jealous that your teeth are so straight even though you never had braces. I love that you call me Chrissie even though I don’t like it when other people call me that. I love when you laugh. I love when you get really excited about something. I love to watch you take photos because you have never lost your passion. I love working with you… You are so easy to be with and I can’t believe I get to enjoy you 24/7! I love you because you are an encourager. You always make people feel like they are wanted. I love you because you are so full of joy. You make everything fun. I love you because you are such an incredible man. More than loving you, I like you… A lot.

Happy Birthday Sweet Jacob.

I love you more than words can even express.


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